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 I am a breeder and exhibitor of English Springer Spaniels and have been showing in AKC obedience and conformation competition for nearly 20 years.  I breed occasionally and only when I plan to keep something from the litter.  These breedings are done for myself primarily and not to produce pets for others or as a source of income.

I do thoughtful breedings in an attempt to produce a better English Springer Spaniel with every new generation.  I do yearly eye exams, hip x-rays and research into pedigrees to minimize genetic problems on all breeding stock. The majority of the puppies I bring into this world become family companions-including the one(s) I keep.  Breedings are planned with good temperament as the highest priority.  My own dogs are "house" dogs and family members first, and show dogs second.


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Suncoast English Springer Spaniels

Kathie Milne, Tarpon Springs, Florida

(727) 934-2296


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